Taking care of our guest safety

One of our highest priorities is the health and safety of our guests, business partners and employees.

So how do we do it?

  • Physical distance – the hotel premises are adapted to insure distance;
  • Increased cleaning and disinfection – our staff carefully monitors the cleanliness of all rooms and premises and disinfects surfaces regularly;
  • Protective barrier – there is a special protective barrier between you and our employees in the reception area;
  • Hand disinfection stations – it is possible to find these to safely disinfect your hands throughout the hotel premises. Sanitary gloves are available at the restaurant;
  • Disinfected room keys – each room key is thoroughly disinfected before each guest’s arrival;
  • Informative instructions – for the attention of the guests there are information stands about observance of security measures;
  • Secure payment options – cashless payments are possible;
  • Take and go – the restaurant’s food and beverage products for guests and various events are suitable for quick pick-up, with individual packages for the products;
  • Employee safety – service personnel are provided with sanitary gloves and masks

Lets take care of each other and to do so please follow all security measures set by the hotel.