Committed to a collective vision towards more sustainability in hospitality.

Riga Islande Hotel has undertaken a commitment to decrease its environmental footprint and increase the sustainability of the services it offers.

Energy Conservation

Whether in central operations such as boilers, or with lighting systems, kitchen equipment, and automated energy management systems, hotel is working to reduce energy use while sustaining—and, whenever possible, enhancing—the guest experience. Hotel has a Green Energy certificate. The energy we buy, is the reused one.

Water Conservation

Within guest rooms, laundries, kitchens, relaxation zones, hotel continues to implement efficiencies that reduce water and, in many cases, chemicals that are used to treat water systems and clean facilities. Efforts range from the linen and towel reuse programs that are now an industry standard to the installation of low-flow faucets, showerheads, and other fixtures.

Recycling and Waste Reduction

In combination with recycling efforts such as paper, glass and organic, we look for opportunities to reduce the use of paper and other disposables.

Cleaning Products

Recognizing the importance of safer products for guests and employees as well as the environment, we are shifting to cleaning products that are made with bio-based oils and other natural cleaners. By making the switch, we are reducing the use of products with chlorine bleach and petrochemical derivatives. These more natural products have proven performance, are less irritating to guests and employees, and less destructive to the environment.

Green environment

Our staff workplace as well as the guest public areas, are supported by green vegetation throughout the hotel.

Electric car charging station

Our guests are welcome to charge their cars at our parking lot. There are two charging docks for usage.